Tool for marking and

electronic equipment


Display OLED
Interfaces RS232 / Type-C / Bluetooth 5.0
Barcodes priting EAN-13, EAN-8, CODE39, CODE93, CODE128, CODEBAR, ITF, UPC A, UPC-E, PDF417, QR
Print speed 90 mm /sec
Print width 72 mm
Paper width 79,5 ± 0,5 mm
Ion battery Ion battery: 2000mAh Li-on; 8 hours of operation/ 72 hours of standby time
Protection IP54
Operating temperature -20 С …+50 С
Complete set Protective cover; Shoulder strap; Power supply 220V; USB-Type-C cable; USB-MicroUSB cable optional) Car charging from the cigarette lighter 12-24V Thermal paper 80mm*19m 1pc User manual
Color black
Support of drivers and working with the OS Windows Mobile Android
Additional features Shutdown to save energy by timer; Automatic sleep mode; Support for printing on 80mm thermal paper and a density of 45-60g
Warranty 24 months
Production China

It works where small size, fast printing, reliability, and endurance are important. Provides printing even in difficult working conditions every day. Easily works with any devices in the EDI system: Windows Mobile / Android.

TIMBER TMBR Portable Thermal Printer is designed for applications where small dimensions, fast printing, reliability and endurance are important.

TIMBER TMBR can withstand daily heavy loads during operation, in difficult weather conditions. Ideal for logistics companies, forest industry enterprises.

Lightweight, durable and reliable. Works perfectly with any devices and application) on Android and Windows Mobile devices


Hammer design provides for the presence of a rubber elastic damper, which ensures the application of uniform impacts. Special notches on the round impactor for tag fixing. Special ergonomic handle that ensures high efficiency and safety of operation, as well as a long service life of the product. Special metal plates to ensure that the headboard is securely attached to the handle.
Headboard (firing pin) diameter 45 mm
Total headboard length (with hinge) 155 mm
Handle length 355 mm
Handle material tree
Headboard material stainless steel
Warranty 12 months

Tag with applied
barcode-the main element of accounting


High quality of barcode reading

Contain UA designation, ДАЛРУ abbreviation, and unique number

For businesses operating in the electronic accounting system

For businesses that want to label Wood with tags
with a unique number and own abbreviation

Green, red, orange, yellow, white, blue colors

Arbo Tag series designed for marking live trees

Contain a unique number, barcode, and additional designation

Have an additional hole for fixing on a special nail


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